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Your Woman Sleep With Others

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Your Woman Sleep With Others’ music is retro 60s music at its finest, their sound an idiosyncratic blend of folk, , rock and jazz with an old-timey charm to it.

Weighty, sonorous cello lines, a dark and powerful electric bass, and intricate guitar solos all make up essential elements to the band’s instrumentals, but none more so than lead vocalist Zhang Li Chang’s soulful, gliding vocals and the humorous, misanthropic lyrics the band seems to possess an affinity for. To have a feel for this motley crew’s charismatic sound and lyrical content, look no further than their most popular song “我還年輕 我還年輕” (“Teen’s Edge”), an addictive minor melody backed by an almost reggae beat and Zhang’s somber belts sharing the cynical nonchalance of Taiwan’s young generation under the current education system. Effortlessly cool and refreshingly eccentric, this quintet is perfect for those craving a more orchestral aspect in their indie playlist.



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