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The loudspeaker - Mifits

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


上海老牌樂隊擴音器最新專輯,2021 Dying Art Productions。

這支上海老牌朋克經歷了多次改變,同時始終將沉重的即興演奏與黑暗的旋律混合在一起。他們現在偏老派 d-beat ,這張專輯以 16 首勁爆的曲調讓人永不鬆懈充滿能量!

These original Shanghai punks have gone through several incarnations while consistently mixing heavy riffs with dark melodies. I'm a sucker for old-school d-beat, and this release hits the spot with 16 kick-ass tunes and driving energy that never lets up! -- Nevin


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