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Rolling Star TV

This was a much watch last night and we’re so happy that Rolling Star TV decided to leave it up on YouTube for the world to enjoy. Two amazing Korean punk bands No Brain and Crying Nut did a full live webstream last night performing on stage with full lighting and production while

simultaneously accepting donations from their legions of supporters. The entire video is like 3 hours long and even though you might not understand Korean, it’s a LOT of fun to watch because you can see that the reason for these band’s longevity is because they enjoy what they do.

Crying Nut is a band that’s in a league of their own…if you ever want to hear a punk rock band that doesn’t incorporate the same ol’ elements – THIS is one of those bands. Ever since we first heard about them in ’99 and then seeing them live in a small ass club in Seoul called Drug in 2000…we’ve been lifelong fans of the band. They are SOOOO good.



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