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Too m1ld for l1fe. Indie pop from Singapore.

Formerly known as Take Two, rechristened indie pop-rock band M1ldl1fe is arguably one of the most exhilaratingly groovy and wonderfully guitar-driven acts in Singapore’s burgeoning indie music scene. Deviating from the largely R&B, soft-rock-ridden grain of typical of indie music nowadays, M1ldl1fe are unapologetically energetic in their compositions, their eclectic sound brimming with lush electronic textures and dreamy, ethereal feel-good vibes. Though the now-four-piece is still largely unknown to the public and most indieheads, there’s nowhere to go but up for the incredible up-and-comers. Having built up momentum from numerous activities that are slowly but steadily escalating the group towards mainstream success, it won’t be long until the retro, synth-ridden mid-tempo number “How You Forget” or the delightfully psychedelic and upbeat tour de force “Distraction” become the songs leaving everybody’s lips.



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