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Kids-Union Records - Punk Rock Compilation Vol.2 Released.

關注最近在 Kids Union Records [China] 上發布的國際朋克合輯第 2 卷。本卷收錄了大量來自亞洲的樂隊,包括 Spit、Accomplices、18 Fevers、The Noname、Gum Bleed、The Rebel Riot、Chaos of Society、Intifadah、Rejected Scums 等。該唱片以雙張 CD 發行,您可以通過下面的 bandcamp 鏈接訂購。

Check out volume 2 of the recently released international punk compilation out on Kids Union Records [China]. This volume includes a huge batch of bands from Asia including Spit, Accomplices, 18 Fevers, The Noname, Gum Bleed, The Rebel Riot, Chaos of Society, Intifadah, Rejected Scums, and others. The record is coming out on a double CD which you can already order through the bandcamp link below.

Vol.2 Band Roster(From A-Z):

18Fevers KR

Acidez MX

Accomplices TW

Charge 69 FR

Chaos Of Society TH

Conflict UK

Confront Stage RU

Dead77 US

Desperate Measures UK

Exclided MX

Funeral Dress BE

Gum Bleed CN

Intifadah SG

Justwar CZ

Las Calles BR

No Direction UK

Pestpocken DE

Rawside DE

Rejected Scums SG

Resilience US

Starts DE

The Boys UK

The China Wife Motors JP

The Havoc US

The Noname CN

The Rebel Riot MM

The Rumjacks AU

The Spit! TW



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